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We expected you to have questions.

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With the amount of experience we have in the plastic industry, over 38 years and counting, we have seen it all.

Well, OK, almost all. Throw your questions and problems our way:

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What is a “Plasticologist“?

An expert in the plastic sheet, rod and tube market is a Plasticologist.

An individual with years of experience dealing with the tough problems our clients face day in and day out.

Our entire client support staff is made up of Plasticologists.

Many of our client support team members have 16 or more years experience, some with over 25 years (two remember when dirt was invented).

This team helps our clients solve problems, assistance with picking proper materials, knowing what sizes and shapes can be made available, etc.

We are experts, but we are not engineers nor can we engineer your part. We can recommend materials that may work. We can sort through the myriad of sizes, shapes and colors available. We can point out the pitfalls we have seen and helped others to avoid.

We are your plastic advocate, your ally and assistant. While we can’t engineer, we can provide endless data sheets, product information, material availabilities and popular solutions to problems similar to yours.

We spend a fair amount of time working with engineers and manufacturers helping to pick materials for their use, we can certainly assist you with your challenges.

Give us a try, throw your problem to a “plasticologist”, you deserve this high level of service.

If you are looking for some assistance in picking the proper material for your application, our Plasticologists are happy to assist in narrowing down a selection. 


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3 Responses to “Contact Us”

  1. laura golds


    My name’s Laura Golds and I’m looking for a supplier.
    I’m interested in purchasing a large quantity of various sized clear acrylic cabochons, ranging from 8cm and 10cm in length, 4cm and 6cm in width. All in an oval shape. Domed with approximately 1cm in the centre with a flat back. They’re going to be fridge magnets, if you have any other recommendations for the material used please let me know as i’m open to ideas.
    Are you able to supply me with this product?

    Many thanks, Laura.

  2. Dave

    What is more UV stable? UV stable polycarbonate? Or UV stable polypropylene? And how much difference is there between the two of them?


    • Plasticman

      The term UV stable is perhaps not what you are looking for. The UV stable polycarbonate sheet is not the same as a UV inhibited material. Our standard Polycarbonate sheets, Makrolon GP from Bayer-Sheffield are UV stabilized. This does not mean that they will last in the sun for 10 years. There are special grades of plastics that have additional UV additives beyond being UV stabilized. The Makrolon SL has an additional ‘coating’ that will enable the Polycarbonate sheet to be in direct sunlight for up to 10 years.
      Regarding Polypropylene, this material is not normally UV stable. It is a corrosion resistant type plastic, and is generally not used out doors. It can be custom run with a UV additive to give it extended outdoor use.
      Have you looked at the Sunboard or Playground Board HDPE materials? These are designed for extended use in the sun, and are available in a several colors. Let us know your requirements, and we will be happy to assist with the best material for your application.


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