Is Lexan® the same as Makrolon® or Polycarbonate?

The short answer is no, are they very similar, yes. The reason is that both Lexan® and Makrolon® are brand names, along with Hyzod®, Cyrolon®, Zelux®, Paltuf®, Tuffak®, Ensicar®, Unicar®, Texin®, Apex® and many more. Lexan® is a brand name for SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation) which acquired the entire General Electric Plastics division several years ago. Makrolon® (formerly Hyzod®) is a trade name for Covestro (formerly Bayer MaterialSciences).

These materials are all Polycarbonate which is a very tough, high impact plastic material. The base resins are very similar, however, the end product varies quite a bit depending on the manufacturer. The Covestro Bayer Makrolon® GP-V material does meet the UL 94 V-0 flame retardant certification (at .220″ thick), and the Makrolon® GP is UL 94 HB rated.

How do I tell the difference between Lexan® and Makrolon®?

Bayer MaterialScience now Covestro

It would be impossible to tell the difference between brands by just looking, unless it still has the masking on, it would take some testing. The majority of both brands of materials are available in a very clear, UV stabilized glazing grade and look identical to the naked eye. This material is excellent for replacing window glass and is virtually unbreakable.


Industrial Plastic Supply stocks the Covestro (Bayer) Makrolon® GP Polycarbonate materials in stock and ready for shipment. We have chosen to carry the Covestro Makrolon® Polycarbonate because of its superior quality, physical properties and ratings. You will find these materials available as sheet and rod here. If you have further questions, or would like to see the data sheet on Makrolon® Polycarbonate and/or Lexan® Polycarbonate for comparison, please give us a call: 866-832-9315 or email:

This post is part of our effort to answer as many questions for you as possible, and to assist you in choosing the proper material for your applications, this is another very popular question we hear.

Yes, Lexan® and Makrolon® are both Polycarbonate materials. And we believe that the Covestro Makrolon® is the best Polycarbonate sheet available in the market place.

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9 Responses to “Is Lexan® the same as Bayer Makrolon® or Polycarbonate”

    • Jesse

      Hi Greg. Good question. Polycarbonate comes in a variety of lengths depending on the diameter(size) and manufacturer that produces it. Usually 72 inches will be the maximum shipping length size without having to pay an oversize charge for UPS or FedEx.

  1. george scarlett

    Hey Mate, Ordered, (ebay) 21″ X 15″ X 3/8″ sheet claimed to be “LEXAN”, got “Makrolon” instead. Never had any problem over many years with LEXAN, but even in this small piece there is a noticeable “Bowing” in both planes!! Am waiting for feedback from my supplier, but thought I’d run it by you in the interim. Gb bg

    • Jesse

      “Lexan” is a SABIC (Saudi Arabia Basic Industries Corporation) brand polycarbonate. Makrolon is a Bayer (now known as Covestro) brand made here in the USA. Both polycarbonates have similiar properties. If you got a piece that bows on both sides then your supplier didn’t store it correctly. All our materials is store flat and shipped flat. We found out through our customers that Makrolon hardly ever came out with defects over the Lexan brand.

  2. Meridith Goodrow

    I’m actually looking for the best Polycarbonate material luggage. Any recommendations? I know this is a question off the beaten path but I thought I would try.

    • Plasticman

      Meridith, almost any quality name in luggage is going to use a quality Polycarbonate to make their luggage. Samsonite, TravelCross, Traveler’s Choice and many others offer a quality hard side Luggage made from Polycarbonate sheet material. If you can research the materials used, the thicker polycarbonate sheets will give you the best performance and impact resistance long term. Hope this helps.

    • Jesse

      Hi Tony,

      I will email you the Makrolon Fabrication Guide. That way you can have the specifications and see it it meets your requirements.


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