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We have been working very hard over the last few months to bring you new, informative, and hopefully interesting articles on plastics.  However, even though we focused on writing articles pertaining to plastic—we have also covered other topics as well, like protecting yourselves from hackers, B2B Live Online Chats, Domain Names Available, The Next Innovation in Sound Technology and even an online prank!

The purpose of the Plastic Mentor blog is to educate all those people that are interested and willing to learn something new. Curious ones that don’t stereotype plastic under one category and are intrigued to know about what they are buying.

Why Choose Plastic Sheet?

The truth about plastic in general is that it is versatile and efficient. It can cut the cost of production and in most cases produces less green house emissions than paper, metal or glass.  

Choosing the proper plastics can be accomplished by narrowing down some basic properties. For example, is the application going to be used for indoor or outdoor use?  What temperature will this plastic be required to resist? Is the plastic clear or colored? Are you looking for sheet, slab, rod or tubing? What are the dimensions of your part? And finally, how many pieces are you looking to get?  These might seem like tedious questions, but they are essential to get you the best plastic for your application.

Our Newest Addition Asks A Great Question

When a recent new employee started working at Industrial Plastic Supply, they asked the General Manager, “Which material is the best plastic?” 

At first the GM just chuckled politely, but then graciously gave a good analogy.  He said, “Asking what the best plastic out there is like asking a car salesman what is the best car on the market?  It certainly depends…a fast 2 seat sports car is probably not the right transportation for someone looking for a new family vehicle.”

This is very insightful, and most people never think about plastic in this way!

Plastic Sheet and Rod Questions Welcomed…

When you come to Industrial Plastic Supply, please ask questions…it helps us just as it helps you to get you. Please contact us for help in identifying your next plastic material.

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