Types of PVC Sheet

Most of our clients are surprised that PVC is available in sheet form. They are generally all familiar with PVC Pipe and its uses, but didn’t think they could get the same material in sheet or rod. PVC or Poly-Vinyl-Chloride is a tough and chemical resistant material. We do stock a large variety of PVC grades in both sheet and rod.

PVC sheet is a standard industrial plastic material. The most common color of this material is a dark gray. Although it is also available in white and clear. Other grades of PVC are also available including: materials that meet the FM49Boltaron is leading manufacture of PVC Sheet materails10 ratings, forming grades, multiple styles of textured surfaces, high heat, PVC/Acrylic Alloys (AKA Kydex), CPVC, Aircraft and FAA grades (including Boltaron’s FAR 25.853 ‘a’ and ‘d’ rated materials), ASTM D-1784 certified materials and many more.

PVC sheet – standard Type 1 grade is a tough, machinable, bondable material, that is very chemical resistant and has a UL 94 V-0 rating. This exceptional flame rating combined with excellent bonding and machining make PVC Sheet a perfect plastic ‘building block’ for hundreds of applications.

Many Grades of PVC Sheet Available

The specialty grades are numerous, over 50 different materials, and the world leader in these materials is Boltaron. Since 1954 they have been leading the field of PVC product production and innovation. PVC Sheet manufacturer - Boltaron, since 1954

PVC Sheet – Type 1 is stocked from .062″ – 3.0″ thick sheet, PVC Rod is also available from .250″ – 9.0″ diameter. White PVC sheet and some Clear PVC sheets are also available from stock.

Standard sheet size is 48″ X 96″, however we cut this material to size, to blanks or parts. Type 1 Gray PVC Rod is stocked in 5 foot and 10 foot lengths, and can be purchased by the foot. Foamed PVC sheet, sometimes called Sintra or Komatex is stocked in several thicknesses in white and black.  Other colors and grades available with special order.

With the incredible width and breadth of PVC sheet products available, please contact us for data sheets on specific Boltaron products. Email us or call us, 866-832-9315


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3 Responses to “PVC Type 1, Type 2 and CPVC Sheet and Sheets”

  1. Jim McWhorter

    I am planning on using clear, type 1 PVC sheet to make covers for items that have been exposed to aqueous Bromine.
    Will this work? I will also need a solvent bonder for making the enclosures.

    • Plasticman

      Hi James,
      The Clear PVC materials are not recommended with aqueous Bromine, or Bromine in general.
      We do not have a clear material that will handle the Bromine.
      You will need to go to a high chemical resistant material such as PVDF (Kynar) or similar Performance Plastic.
      Please let us know if we can help you further.


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