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What is the difference between Noryl and PPO (or Modified PPO)?Black Noryl PPO water nozzle PPO - Noryl Sheet and Rod EN265 and EN185 PPO - Noryl Sheet and Rod EN265 and EN185 noryl nozzle

Noryl® is a trade name for Sabic Plastics (formerly GE Plastics) for their Modified PPO (Modified PolyPhenyleneOxide). Sabic is the world leader in engineering and mechanical plastic resins.

This resin is a remarkably versatile material. PPO exhibits unusually low moisture absorption and great machinability. Noryl® is an excellent choice for water filtration and fluid handling parts. Noryl has excellent impact resistance, long term dimensional stability and is light weight. Noryl® has exceptional electrical properties (properties boosted by lack of water absorption). It can be thermoformed and machined to tight tolerances. It carries a UL flammability rating between UL 94-HB to UL 94 V-1. The primary specification covering PPO (Noryl®) is ASTM-D-4349.

Sabic Noryl is available in two standard unfilled varieties, EN-185 and EN-265. The number indicates the heat deflection temperature of the material. This material is easy to machine, holds tolerances well, and is great for water immersion applications. A complete data sheet is found here.Noryl EN-265 machined part PPO - Noryl Sheet and Rod EN265 and EN185 PPO - Noryl Sheet and Rod EN265 and EN185 noryl

We stock this material in both sheet and rod. The standard natural color for Noryl is opaque Black and is stocked as the EN-265 grade of resin. Noryl® is also available as a glass filled material which enhances both the mechanical and thermal properties of the resin. Chemical attack from water, most salt solutions, acids and bases is also minimal with Noryl®.

Materials with similar physical properties are ABS, Acetal – Delrin, PET and PBT (Polyester) and Nylon.

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